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BG224: How to Create Inspired Outcomes with Cleonie Mainvielle



You can have passion, but self-doubt can drown out any passion – especially if where you are trying to go is drastically different from where you currently are.

In this episode, we talk with Cleonie Mainvielle, Owner and Founder of Inspired Outcome, a productivity and organizing business based in Massachusetts. She is passionate about helping busy female professionals and entrepreneurs organize their schedules, belongings, and ideas so that they can reclaim their personal freedom and have more time for what is important, enjoyable, and inspiring to them.

Cleonie’s specialty is facilitating mastermind groups. If you are a female looking for support and coaching as you work toward your goals, schedule your FREE consultation today>>.

Key Points Include:

  1. Take action – make the first step and the CALL will find you. You don’t have to chase the CALL, just take steps in the direction or area you feel compelled to grow.
  2. Instead of focusing on work-life balance, seek to find work-life harmony where you blend the two in a harmonic flow.
  3. Get really clear what success would look and feel like for you – get emotionally connected to the outcome. Ask questions like, how do you want to show up in the world and what does the best version of yourself look like?
  4. Structure your day to support or incorporate steps that are in the direction of where your passion is.
  5. Find a support network to keep you going…
  6. Create systems to shut down fear and doubt.

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