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How To Register Your Domain and Order Web Hosting


A huge component of your branding is your website and/or mobile app. I won’t talk much about mobile apps here, because I still need to do more research on them.

However, I do believe a website is essential for your brand. It is your virtual location, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. For your website, you will need to acquire a domain and web host company. (NOTE: You should still register your domain name(s) to reserve it, even if you are not ready to create a website. Once you register it, it’s yours and no one else can acquire it.)

So, what is the difference between domains and web hosting?

Think of the domain as the address to your house and the web host company as the land that your house sits on. You share your home address with those that are coming to visit you or mail letters/packages to you. Likewise, you share your domain or web address with those interested in visiting your website. In addition, the constructed building that is your home sits on a plot of land. That land supports the frame, brick, mortar, etc. – the essence of the building itself. Similarly, your website needs something to hold and support it, and the web hosting company provides that support system.

The domain will cost you anywhere between $1.99 – $25.99 a year. It is very important that you do not allow your domain renewal to expire, because you will lose your domain address. Retrieving your domain can be very difficult to get it back, and will typically cost considerably more.

In addition to the domain costs, you will also have to pay monthly or annual web hosting fees. They will range between $50 – $150 a year.

For your convenience, I have created a brief tutorial that walks you step-by-step through registering your domain and ordering your web hosting:


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