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We exist to provide information and instruction in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) format to help you connect with what you were created to do on the earth.  Our goal is for you to stop dreading Monday mornings, and can’t wait until Fridays – and find happiness, fulfillment and money doing work you actually LOVE. Here’s how we do that…


The Be Great Global podcast is at the center of what’s happening here. You can expect weekly posts on Wednesdays, providing great content and even greater conversations designed to help you on your journey.

Training Programs

I love teaching and training, therefore you will find both on-demand and live training programs providing detailed instruction for the CALL. Topics include, Product and Brand Development, Marketing, Merchandising, etc.)


Because I know firsthand how much work and effort is required to fulfill the CALL. I am constantly searching for AMAZING Resources to make what we do as easier. As I find them and test them out, I will share them with you.



Hi – I am Anita “AC” Clinton – and I believe that God has CALLED each of us to do something GREAT in our lifetime. And, whatever that is – it’s constantly pulling at you. In fact, your happiness, fulfillment and money is locked inside the CALL. I am here to help you unlock it…

Look at me as your fearless (most of time) guide and adventurer (from Russell Brunson’s Attractive Characters). As an adventurer, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know a lot about a lot, and what I don’t know, I’m willing to do the legwork to find the answers for both you and me. In addition, I have AMAZING (for real, for real) Superpowers (set of skills/talents) that I use make our respective journeys to fulfilling the CALL easier. Therefore, I am all for sharing knowledge, information, quick tips & tricks, tools and resources. So if you need something, let me know and I will do my best to provide it.

Come On, Let’s Do This…


BGG44: What It Looks Like When Your Passion is Double-Sided

BGG44: What It Looks Like When Your Passion is Double-Sided

Click the blue Play button above to listen right now in your web browser. "If you are talking to people about your vision, you're planting the seeds around you, and you're putting your vision out there for others to honor and to help you achieve" ~Bryan G. Smith In...

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BGG43: Our World Needs More Transformative Leaders

BGG43: Our World Needs More Transformative Leaders

Click the blue Play button above to listen right now in your web browser. "As a leader, you have to think you can accomplish the impossible, and then influence other people to think like you! ~Dr. Katina Fuller-Scott" In this episode, we talk with the Strategist,...

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BGG42: America, We All Can Do Better!

BGG42: America, We All Can Do Better!

Click the blue Play button above to listen right now in your web browser. "I get the disappointment, I get the anger, and on some level, I get the rage...but what I don't get is the rioting and destruction of our communites " ~Anita "AC" Clinton In this episode, I...

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“Destiny Starter: How to Discover What You Are Created to Do and Do It!” is an inspiring, practical and instructional guide that walks readers step-by-step through the process of extracting and launching their DREAM into motion. This book is the foundation for everything I do here at Be Great Global. In addition to the book, I have also created the Destiny Starter Training Program that walk students through each phase of the book. Individuals finish the on-demand or live course knowing their purpose, and with an action plan to launch and execute it. Get ready to renew your mind, speak life into your vision and take action to walk in your GREATNESS.

The much-awaited book is scheduled to be released in 2020.


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