Want to connect? There are a number of ways we can make that happen – from requesting to be guest on my podcast, submitting questions about products/services, hopping on Zoom for free office hours with ASK AC, etc. – I got you. See the relevant section(s) below…

1345 N. Jefferson, #413 
Milwaukee, WI 53202


The Be Great Global podcast is at the center of what’s happening here, providing great content and even greater conversations. It is designed to help Purpose-Seekers on their purpose journey. With that in mind, I feature topical series like:

  • Author Series – where we interview authors about their books and their book writing/publishing process (Next Round TBD)
  • Podcaster/YouTuber Series – where we interview Podcasters/YouTubers about their show and their content creation/publishing process (Next Round TDB)
  • Career Advancement Series – where we interview individuals who are happily fulfilling their purpose working for someone else (currently interviewing)
  • Marketing Series – where we interview marketing experts to help all of us market our gifts/talents (upcoming)
  • Faith Series – where we interview individuals who have used their faith inside of their purpose journey (upcoming)
  • More topics coming for 2022 – stay tuned…

Be sure to listen to an episode or two to get a feel for what I’m talking about…CLICK HERE>>.

Additional Details…

I prefer to record on Wednesdays, and I use Zoom video and audio for the recordings – therefore, no travel is necessary. Also, once scheduled, I will provide detailed logistics for the recording. 

Think You’re A Good Fit?

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