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Storing Content Online

Need one place to save, back-up, store and/or share files?  Dropbox is the place.  Check it out, CLICK HERE>>.

Get Organized

Get organized, share notes and capture thoughts, ideas, concepts as they come to you with Evernote.  The platform allows you to create check to-do lists, take notes, and more, making your content available on your computer and mobile devices.  For more information and to set up a FREE account today, CLICK HERE>>.

Crop & Resize Images

Resize, crop, rotate and even remove some transparent backgrounds from images with ResizeImage.net. For more information and test it out, CLICK HERE>>.


Create Forms

Create polls, quizzes, surveys, event registration forms, ask questions, etc. with Google Forms.  You are able to fully brand the forms, add images and video as well.  All of the information gathered is neatly stored in a Google sheet.  For more information and to create your first form, CLICK HERE>>.



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